Car Racing: Worth It?

At some point or the other in our life most of us have been fascinated by the idea of racing. That fascination could have come in from literally anywhere from something as small as playing a racing game such as ‘Need For Speed’ or through the fast pacing movies of the ‘Fast and Furious’ series. Those movies really get the heart pumping, don’t they? But we can’t ignore the fact that despite its thrill racing, it does have some downsides too! This all leads us to the bigger question, is racing worth it?

Before coming to a conclusion directly, let’s weigh the pros and cons of racing. Everything is bound to have some positive and negative aspects to it and racing is no different.


Beginning with the basics, racing is fun. There’s no denying that fact, the adrenaline rush, the passing by things at a rapid speed, there’s no other thrill like that but, it’s dangerous, one wrong turn, a slight mishandling and it could disfigure you for the rest of your life or even worse DEATH.

There are protective gears, helmets and various other stuffs to provide you with as much safety as possible but the problem is not everyone wears them, the general misconception is that everyone thinks that a complete protective gear set is only designed for professional racers which is completely wrong. It is designed keeping in mind the general public so that they could have the thrill of racing with a sense of safety.

Another factor that needs to be discussed is that which racing is right and which isn’t. Moto GP, car rallies and races organized legally in racing stadiums with medical staff ready at the go is not bad, however recklessly speeding through streets, racing illegally by closing up roads through the traffic, not so much. These acts not only lead to harm to self but you also put everyone around you at risk, a slight mistake is all it takes for you to harm someone badly and especially when you live in a country where roads aren’t properly maintained, where there are pits everywhere making it all the more dangerous.


So to sum it up, the concept of racing or the way it is actually meant to be done isn’t that bad but the way people have modified it to their own liking and have made it a reckless sport makes it a negative influence and a very dangerous thing too. The thrill that you get from racing is definitely one of the best feelings in the world but wouldn’t it be a lot better if you had the feeling of your safety with that thrill too. Racing isn’t a bad sport or something to be frowned upon, it’s just that we need to ensure is that it’s not illegal or harmful to anyone around us. So for what it’s worth LEGAL RACING is definitely worth everything but until it asks more than your safety, as it does ensure you to have a great time.  Kick start the new perspective of gathering the flush of speed around you, do make it worthwhile but also think about its adverse effects as well. A great lot of racers just race to bring about a change in this sluggish world, be a racer who thinks safety as the fundamental task beforehand and not as a secondary one.

So start racing today, it’s definitely worth until you try to make it one.

History of Grand-Am Road Racing

Currently known as the TUDOR Championship, Grand-Am Road Racing was a major race tournament which started around 1999. Grand-Am was the sanctioning or the governing body which presided over every major race the championship had. Daytona Beach of Florida was considered the main and the prime location of every race they had, known as the lucky charm of each of their grand races.  The Grand-Am racing specifically concentrates on various kind of racing including road racing circuits, sports car racing and even touring car races. The cars which raced in these tournaments were generally cost effective and were not highly upgraded sports car. The drivers usually were a lot experienced and also participated in primal races such as the Rolex Car Races or even in the NASCAR.


There was a radical and a complete turnover in 2000, as Daytona Prototypes debuted for the first time. It replaced both of the Sports Racing Prototype classes but SRPs would be allowed to continue until the end of 2003. The American GT class was merged with the normal GT Classes.

Due to this the Rolex Sports Car series saw an increase in the number of spectators and the Grand-Am officials were able to keep their audience poll in a meager or in an equalized state.

Due to the low cost of the cars participating and an increased participation of differently skilled drivers, the Grand-Am was crowded and it had to split the GT and the DP races at shorter tracks. The split allowed racers to race in two new races and each race being of the same distance which actually seemed to have two different set of classes running together in a circuit.

The GT classes since its arrival included the likes of BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Porsche, Ferrari, Mazda and Ford.  The GT’s and the Daytona although used the same tracks but had different circuit guidelines and raced separately.

The Grand-Am Cup or commonly known as the Continental Tire Sports Challenge was introduced in a Canadian series and later bought by Grand-Am. The championship included touring car series. The races were fought between GT’s, Street Turners and some sedans with front wheel drive in races which were usually split into two and raced in circuits.


In North America, Grand-Am acquired the rights of Ferrari racing challenges and brought identical Ferrari’s to race against each other in tight spots, time races and many more obstacle race courses. In shell challenges, Grand-Am raced different styles racers in Ferraris, Maserati and in Scuderia to win the continental shell cups which were one of the toughest challenges of the era.

The Grand-Am series tied knots with many great racing series like the NASCAR, Rolex, Rolex 24 Daytona and Daytona Spirit challenges which were quite big races held in Daytona Beach of Florida.

But the series came to a halt when Grand-Am racing series was given a tough challenge by the NASA (National Auto Sport Association) which brought great races with maximum audiences. The NASA had racing series like the Mustang Challenges as well as the Sun Trust Moto series, which was a bike race.  Although Grand-Am had a merger and tie ups with all these series, it lost its true brand name and potential.

10 Things Mustang Lovers Must Know

Mustang is treating to watch and we know that there are many Mustang lovers who try to add their insights on Mustang every day. Worry no more. We are here with some mind boggling facts which will enhance your love for Mustangs even more. Here are the 10 things, Mustang lovers must know.


  1. Mustang was presented for the first on April 17, 1964

The brand new installment from the label of ‘Ford’ was unveiled simultaneously across the United States of America and Canada and most importantly at the flashing Meadows Fair by Henry Ford II. On the very first day, more than 22,000 units were sold.

  1. The Mustang might have been called the “Cougar”.

According to Ford Motor Company, the names that were considered for the car among others were Cougar, Torino, Allegro and Avventura. Then as it was said, it was a trend of the time to name cars after animals. They consulted an advertising consultant firm which gave them a list of names (mostly animals) and Mustang was one of them.

  1. The very first Mustang was sold by mistake!

The first assembled Mustang, a convertible was supposed to be used by promotional purposes. But it was actually sold to a customer by mistake. A pilot from Eastern Airline Stanley Tucker drove it for 10,000 miles but Ford was able to regain it from him after two years with a resale value of yet another Mustang of a price tag of One Billion dollars. The first car is now preserved at Henry Ford Museum.


  1. Mustang’s production has been unhindered ever since its launch

Since its debut in 1964, the Ford Mustang has never stopped pleasing its customers. In 2004, Ford unveiled the Mustang GT 40th Anniversary Edition, the millionth car to be produced by Ford.

  1. Mustang always had a number of special editions and variants

Even though almost each Mustang model has a common outward appearance, it is the most customized model in history with innumerable modifications and engine variants. There is a special edition designed for law enforcements.

  1. The Convertible was pulled off by assembly line for 10 years.

In and after 1973, the company stopped the production of convertible and only after a decade that the ford realized its mistake and again started the production in 1983.

  1. The 300 millionth car built had a lot of ‘special’ in it.

In 2003, the 300 millionth car by Ford happened to be a special edition Mustang. It was also to commemorate its 40th anniversary. It had a powerful V-8 engine.

  1. Mustang was supposed to be affordable to all

The Mustang was aimed to be for the young drivers whose budget was basically less. At a price less than $2500 it was the best affordable car available.

  1. Mustang won the first Le Mans for an American Manufacturer

In 1966, the Mustang GT40 started a new era by winning the Le Mans in France. After this many famous drivers used Ford to glorify their names.

  1. 1 Mustang is truly an award winning design

To begin with, it was awarded the Tiffany Gold Medal for its design in 1965. It was the first car to ever win this title and was a motor trend in 1974 and 1994.

So this are the 10 most insights, every Mustang lover should know.

Nikki Lauda: the Story behind the Champion’s Accident

Nikki Lauda is one of the most flamboyant racers of all time. He is widely regarded as the man who raced death and dominated it. Nikki Lauda had his origins from a very aristocratic and wealthy Austrian family. From a young age, he was impressed with the drag races and eyed a spot on the championship winners. At a mere age of 20, Lauda joined the championship and was endorsed by Ferrari, the top brand of 1975. He went on to become one of the top faces and maintained a lifelong rivalry as well as friendship with James Hunt, another impressive racer of the 90’s.  The world of Formula 1 was full of praise for the young lad when he won back to back races and got his name scribed in the Medal of Honor. But the year 1976 changed Nikki Lauda’s life in a dramatic way. It was the German Grand Prix. James Hunt and Nikki Lauda were facing off each other in the German Grand Prix and it was a competitive game until Lauda’s Ferrari 312T2 crashed and was in flames. The German Grand Prix at that time was considered fatal because of the narrow tracks and the weather conditions were not suitable for a grand race like this. Lauda, who initially refused to race, was forced to do so when his vote was outnumbered to one when all the racers were intended to race the flamboyant Nikki Lauda, the defending champion.


Lauda suffered third degree burns when he was unable to escape his Ferrari and inhaled the toxic fumes which readily affected his lungs and his heart. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital in Koblenz with the help of a helicopter. Later reports stated that Lauda hit his Ferrari on the left bank and his Ferrari was bounced off the tracks and established a resounding flame of fire upon landing.

James Hunt drifted off and defeated his rivals in a close encounter and was proclaimed the new Champion of the German Grand Prix. Nikki Lauda’s accident proved to be a fatal one as Lauda was in deep coma and everybody thought of his initial retirement if his condition stabilizes. Chris Aemon, a close aide to Lauda decided to end his career right away.

However the world was in shock when Lauda returned to his senses after six weeks and decided to join the race again and to revive his rivalry with his former friend James Hunt. They met again in Japan in 1976 which decided to be a turning point of Hunt’s career as he was proclaimed the new champion, defeating Lauda yet again in a close encounter.

In turn of events, Lauda rejoined the Brabham and took the championship in a serious way but ultimately ending his revamped career and retiring from Formula 1 to open up his airline industry.


He rejoined the race yet again in 1982 when he was enticed by McLaren for a whopping $5 Million to race. He is considered to be very competitive and the year 1984 proved his brilliance yet again when he won the Championship and finally retired from racing on a high note.

In the later years, Nikki Lauda completely devoted his time to his airline industry Lauda Air and Nikki and was considered a business tycoon. Sub sequentially, he also appeared in various commentary shows and was regained by many top brands as manager like the Scuderia Ferrari and Jaguar.

Nikki Lauda’s life had lots of ups and downs but his warrior spirit is still considered the greatest of all time and yet can’t be found in the modern drag Formula 1 races.

Ferrari v/s Mustang Shelby: Who Wins?

It is a question that has always troubled all the car lovers around the globe.  What to go for a sexy Ferrari convertible or an American muscle- the mustang.

While some of us love to go for the beauty of the Ferrari and the elegant look and features, there are others who love to boast a big engine with its masculine looks.

There comes the big question for a person not very familiar to the world of racing, which is better Ferrari or the Mustang?


Let’s have a comparison between the two, Ford Mustang Shelby and Ferrari 458 Italia.

Starting with the basics the price of both, The Ford Mustang is available at a price of $30,105 and the Ferrari 458 comes at a price of $230,675. The first round goes to Ford as it is the clear winner.

None of the cars feature a leather interior or a moon roof. Ferrari however offers power seats at your choice, which is a feature the Mustang lacks. The Mustang features the option for keyless entry which is nowhere to be seen in the Ferrari. So for its price range the Mustang gives as much features as the Ferrari, winning yet another round.

Moving on to the factors that matter, both the cars have a great acceleration rate. The mustang takes 4.4 seconds to reach 0-60mph while Ferrari takes only 3.4secs. The breaking distance of the mustang is 104ft at a speed of 60mph and 99 for the Ferrari. The lateral acceleration for the mustang is 0.88g and that for Ferrari is 1.02g, Ferrari shows phenomenal capabilities when it comes to cornering, the mustang isn’t bad either. Mustang tops out at a speed of 155mph while the Ferrari can reach a speed of 201mph. So when it comes to performance Ferrari 458 Italia is a clear winner in every aspect tested.

Both the cars feature manual transmission. Mustang has 6 gears while Ferrari has 7. Ferrari also comes with standard paddle shifters which are not available in the mustang. The power to weight ratio for the mustang stands at 8.7 lb/hp and 5.3 lb/hp for the Ferrari. However, the most important factor being the horsepower, the mustang has an amazing horsepower of 412hp@6500 rpm but the Ferrari displays an extraordinary horsepower of 578hp@ 9000rpm making it the clear winner for this round too.

Both the cars display almost the same safety features. Both of them have fitted ABS brakes, electronic stability control, rear disc brakes and airbags. So this round stands a draw.

The final test of the car is its practicality in real life. The mustang can fit 4-5 passengers while Ferrari has the capacity of only 2 passengers. Mustang also has power outlets allowing you to charge your gadgets whilst on the go, which Ferrari does not sadly. The 458 Italia however does provide you with navigation system on choice, which Mustang does not yet have an option for. The major drawback for the Ferrari however is the fact that it does not provide front air conditioning, on a hot summer day you’re likely to melt in the confined space of a Ferrari. So all practical factors considered Mustang wins the round.

Well we technically, brought the main aspects of it but ultimately the choice will be yours. Every car is good and in its own unique way.

So to sum up the discussion Mustang is a clear choice for anyone who wishes to have a more practical car that is affordable and gives an awesome performance too , Ferrari does outclass the Mustang in a lot of ways but its impractical nature and the expensive price tag makes it the less preferred option.


Ah, nerf guns. Don’t we all just love them? Over time, these Hasbrotoys have become extremely popular not just amongst children but also with the grownups. And with good reason! The nerf blasters and some good friends are all you need for hours of fun and frolic! While they can boast of some incredible blasters that have been great crowd pleasers, Hasbro has disappointed on a few occasions.  Continue reading for a list of the 6 least favorite nerf guns.


  1. Nerf Mega Centurion

Part of the N-strike elite series, the centurion was released in 2013 and is considered a failure by many people worldwide. The gun fires a single dart at a time and while Hasbro claims the range to be up to 100 feet, in reality it would only be somewhere around 80 feet. While that isn’t such a big deal in itself, the gun is extremely inaccurate and over a long range, a lot of the darts follow a very curved path and often miss the target even with a good aim. Overall the gun displays little accuracy and disappoints for the price you pay.

  1. Nerf Deploy

This blaster was released under the N-strike series in 2010 and uses streamline darts. It requires 3 “AAA” batteries for a flashlight and operates on the manual fire mechanism. While the blaster is compatible with barrel extensions, it does not come packaged with its own barrel extension. The pump action handle tends to get stuck and overall this blaster really doesn’t live up to the Hasbro brand name.

  1. Nerf Elite Spectre

This gun was released as a part of theN-strike elite series and had massive hype surrounding it. It was the gun everybody wanted until nobody actually did. It was very looked forward to but unfortunately, could not perform. It proves awkward to use for left handed people and is actually not much of an upgrade at all from the Nerf N-strike Spectre. Hasbro fails to address pressing problems and this gun just isn’t worth the money.

  1. Nerf Longshot

The poor performance and lack of updates drags this Nerf blaster down to this list. This particular blaster has a poor rate of fire and proves to be inconsistent. The longshot front gun is practically useless, quite large and bulky. The firing noise is vaguely springy and could annoy people. Moreover, the scope does not do much either and overall this blaster from Nerf is again, unfortunately, a fail.


  1. Nerf Super Soakers

While the concept of shooting water can be applauded and does make for a great way to cool off in the summers, blasters without triggers in these series have often been reprimanded by nerfers over the world. For more information on Nerf guns, you can refer to, most guns from this series do not have a very impressive capacity and call for timely refills that can put a kink in the fun.


  1. Nerf Cam ECS-12

This gun makes its way to this list not because of the actual blaster but because of all the other tidbits that Hasbro decided to add but are totally unnecessary. While the blaster does a decent job by itself, the stock at the back of the blaster is built in and non adjustable not unlike the the foregrip in the front of the blaster behind the lower tactical rail. The gun’s namesake feature is a camera that performs poorly and for the exorbitant price you pay, this gun is not worth it.

How to drift like a Pro?

“First Lesson: Use your hard breaks”- Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Although this lesson fits, it is too vague. Drifting needs perfect speed, perfect angle, perfect line and to top it up, a perfect style on impact. Imagine this, you are in your Mustang, you see a group of girls up ahead, you speed up a bit, push your clutch to the limit, pull that hard brake and turn a hard left. The rear of your car pivots dramatically and the tire puff out smoke. You feel like the most badass drifter of all times. The girls see you, laugh at you and leave! Wait What?

Turns out you pulled the breaks too early and the wheels weren’t fast enough and all you managed was to stop the car. Well, on the sunny side, you already started your practice.

What does it take to drift away to Glory?  Yes, compatible car, technique, absolute practice and immense hard work. Well we cannot help you with the car and practice but we can definitely give you the major techniques.


For the basics:

Use a rear wheel devise car and choose an empty space so you don’t damage anything or anyone. To begin with, keep your speed at about 40mph.

Shifting to the second gear, keep your one foot on the accelerator and the other at the clutch pad. In a combined action, stab the throttle, take a hard turn and kick the clutch. The power from the accelerators will keep the rear wheels spinning and the steering propels the car.

And Voila! Watch yourself drift!

Now the question remains, ‘How to maintain it?’

The first thing to do is to maintain the throttle. You need to keep the tires moving so as to avoid any abrupt stopping. It is natural that, when our brains sense a potential accident, our reflexes try to avoid it and as a result, we are tempted to stop the car. DON’T LET YOUR REFLEXES WORK!


Allow your car to turn through a 45 degrees angle before turning to opposite way. This is the point where you do not let go off the gas or chances are the weight transfer will leave your car upside down.  A tip to remember is that you cannot fight the wheels. When you initiate a drift, all you can do is to sit back and let the car rotate (release the steering wheel). Then when the car is at the correct angle, grab it again until you exit the corner off the drift track and turn again. This will make your life a lot easier.

If you are in a high powered car like The Viper, the clutch won’t always be necessary. An elaborate accelerator is enough. If you have a front wheel drive and a dream of drifting like a pro, fear not! Just use the handbrake to slide the car and the accelerator to recover from the drift.

A little practice is all it takes to get to a strong drift game. Master the technique and do a load of practice so as to give you a push and you become one of the leading masters in the self styled drifting technique.

7 Reasons Why Mustangs Are Better Than Any Sports Car on the Market

Mustang was originally designed as a compact car. The Ford Mustang I series was developed in the year 1963 with much success and proved to be a great addition in the world of racing and as a sign of aristocracy among the richer classes of the society. The Mustang has evolved to six generations and the latest being the 2015 Ford Mustang. Here are the 7 most mind boggling reasons that why Mustangs are better than any sports car on the market.

  1. Sleek Design and Pony in Nature

The Mustangs are very sleek in design and are fluidic in terms of what we know as a compact shell car. The Mustangs are generally muscled built and have a great exterior which are polished with high caliber machinery and a dedicated hand work by group of professionals. It was generally inspired from the Falcon and was underpinned with the fact that it made a great compact car. The Mustangs give a tough competition to the likes of Camaro and Dodge. It can be regarded as the best sleek racer car when compared to Dodge Charger which has already inhibited the racing industry.


  1. Convertible Designs

The Mustangs have a unique history with the convertible segment. They are carrying a legacy of what we know as the Gold finger legacy. Yes ring a bell! It was the grand car of James Bond in his movies even before Aston Martin came into existence.

  1. Affordable Spare Parts

Although Sports Cars are really expensive and those who are interested and have the right amount of budget can spend on it, can really buy them. But Mustangs are traditionally known for a cheaper spare part producer unlike the Ferrari’s or Camaro’s.  The Mustangs are produced by Ford and the company which produces its spare parts is mostly Ford’s Falcon and Fairlane. Customers are delighted with the fact that it produces cheap assembly spares and gives a less figure on the repair works.

  1. Luxurious

The common notion for a sports car is always for its speed and not for its array of luxury commodities it offers. But Mustangs, though originally started as the Speed King slowly rose to a fame of being a commodity factor as well, giving world class luxury and comfort to its consumer. Unlike the other sports cars which completely depends upon the factor of speed and thrust engines and usually declining a comfortable journey which should be the priority.


  1. Safety

Mustang is the only sports car to have earned NHTSA 5 Star Rating. NHTSA stands for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Critics have widely appreciated the fact that Mustang’s each side has a less chance of being rammed because of its superior design and enhance tensile factor.

  1. Races of the Millennia

 Mustangs have been a part of many races but it is the only brand to have competed in every major race including the Drift Car Races, Sports Car Races and even the Stock Car Races. Drag Race Season of 1965 saw the beginning of Mustang’s success. Holman and Moody prepared ten Mustangs 2nd Gen 427powered for the National Hot Rod Association.


  1. Transmission

Mustangs have been known for their wide array of transformation engine structures and the great transmission throttle it ensures to its consumers. The Mustangs are powered by manual and speed automatic transmission. They are just for the classic versions and the advanced models are loaded up to six way speed automatic and manual transmission. They are the only brand to have typically set up parameters for an elite world racing hub.

But the ultimate choice is yours, the mandate given by us is totally practical and it will help you better perceive the greatness of a legendary car and the wide range of eye-refining style it offers.

5 Best Car Races in the History of Racing

Car racing, it’s the craze of the 21st century. Everyone seems to really love it. Until the late 20th century or even the initial years of 21st century, car racing was not so much into the lime light as it is now.  But ever since it has attained the spot as one of the favorite and most adventurous sports of all time, it just seems to be getting better and better. There seems to be no going downhill for this sport. More events are being hosted every year, better drivers, insane cars, amazing victories that are all that is going on.

So today we do a countdown on the best 5 races in the history of car racing

5) 2011 Indy 500- It was truly amazing race, while not everyone might agree with me but the final moments of the race when J.R.Hildebrand made a slight mistake taking a turn and crashed , letting Dan Wheldon to win. Amazing moment and which made even the spectators spellbound for it. It was an awestruck performance of the millennia as considered by many critics.


4) 2011 Canadian Grand PrixHow often is it that you see a racer who started at the last spot in the race making his way up and actually winning the race. Jenson Button started at the last spot and made his way up to the top, making a record of six pit stops in what was the longest Grand Prix ever. It was a great Grand Prix to remember till date and it surpasses many interesting Grand Prix races.

3) 2006 Top Fuel Championship Final – This race was nicknamed as “The Run” for the very obvious reason. Tony Schumacher broke the national record in this race with his victory run. Standing at 4.428secs it might just be the greatest run ever. It was exuberant final to remember till

2) 1976 Daytona 500- This race is famous for the crash that occurred at the end of the race. It was a thrilling race with Petty and Peterson going head to head in an amazing classic NASCAR race. It is one of the races you remember for a lifetime once you see it. This race had everything a race lover could ever ask for. This race was everything you expect car racing to be. It just broke all the records of cable viewership as it was considered a huge turnover.

And to finally end our countdown the best race ever, it is a classic and the oldest mention in our whole countdown

1)1957 German GPThe best races are always considered to be the ones that provide you with all the thrill, the adventure, the moments when the driver pushes his limits, goes against all odds and comes out victorious. This race was the best example of such a moment. Juan Manuel Fangio broke lap records, one after the other to achieve one of the best victories ever in the history of motor sports. This race is truly unparalleled and there has never been such a race ever since. This was the race that made him a legend and went down into the pages of hall of fame to be remembered forever.

These were the top 5 races, there will always be greater moments, better races, history is always meant to be rewritten but so far these races have secured a spot that no one has been able to take away from them.